The future: the human can produce everything and sell

The future my dear friends and in the 10-year 3D printing every citizen will be able to make everything by himself and sell everything via his own platform or on the marketplaces, when I say everything, we can talk about decoration in glass, wood, metal, plastic, unmanageable, he can even make his own car and sell his models to reproduce, the future is in the intelligence and creativity of the man associate with the machine and not the opposite, if the computer does not interest you at all or not at all, you will have a real problem of reconversion within 15 years.

I started computer science in 1984 and the first microcomputers came out in 1987, I was then programmer programmer in Basic and Cobol language than later and in 1989, I started as a photographer and then director.

With more than 10 years of hindsight on 3D technologies and the evolution of this technology, I have always had an avant-garde vision of the professions of the image and besides all the chains TV, told me your 3D video magazine without glasses, it was in no interest and 3 years after they start wanting to do 3D ads before the movies and technology without glasses restores the tip of his nose, in my opinion from here 3 years, the world will change.

In 2001, I launched my fashion magazine combining humanitarian and fashion with real women, all the big groups wanted to buy me, their proposal to 80, 20% for me did not satisfy me, I preferred to stop it 10 years later.

My concept magazine expo was a mixture of photos printed on aluminum and plexiglass and screens inlaid in the canvas, we saw the manufacture of the filmed work, it was in 2009 the NFC and RFID did not exist yet, a collection box with twenty lithographed photos was available at the end of the exhibition, I think I tested everything that seemed original.

With each new challenge, a new concept to develop for a sector that I do not know, that’s what makes me progress for more than 30 years, and even if I do not always have big means, I always create as close as possible what is expected of me, I do my maximum on one condition that we apply the concept to the end of the program.

90% of my prospects and European customers have no vision of the future, they think that waiting to see what the competitor is doing will allow them to move forward, only the daring will succeed in the years to come and I do not I have no limit in the creation of concept that’s why I develop my business in USA, Mexico and Canada.